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We strive to foster a lifelong interest in learning science, technology, engineering and math. We accomplish this goal by providing parents, educators and members of the community a number of ways to access the programs and information we offer. Resources include everything from planning a visit to the Discovery Science Place and delving into engaging activities here at the museum, to setting up a DSP field-trip or on-campus outreach visit, to getting step-by-step science lessons and activities to do yourself at home.

Field Trips

What better way to investigate our universe, how and why things work the way they do, than to roll up your sleeves and explore for yourself? Imagine the look on the faces of your students as they discover how electric currents travel through different materials, or how air pressure helps keep objects afloat. These discoveries and more are waiting to be revealed at DSP. We offer field trips for school and community groups year round. Find out all the details on our Field Trips page.

Outreach Programming

Unable to take a field trip to the DSP? Let us come to you! The Discovery Science Place has three outreach programs capable of serving the educational needs of students in grades kindergarten through adult! (Click on the name of the program to learn more…)

♦ For middle school and high school ask about our MOBILE STEM LAB– a science classroom on wheels filled with technology and hands-on science: drones, virtual reality, rockets, and more.

♦ For all grades and ages ask about our new portable planetarium called DISCOVERY DOME. Discovery Dome can be inflated inside your gymnasium or other suitable location and 25-30 students at a time can explore the night sky and the wonders of the universe!

Resources (School and Home)

Here’s a collection of engaging science demonstrations, experiments, mini-lessons, and more to do in your classroom or home. We will add to this list on a regular basis!

11/19/2021: Thanksgiving themed science. To learn fun STEM activities you can do during the holidays… Click HERE

07/23/2020: We’re back with another “very cool” (pun intended) Science-on-the-Spot! This video is a bit longer as it goes into more science details and also shares numerous demos & fun experiments that can be done with solid carbon dioxide- dry ice! Click HERE.

05/27/2020: Weather scrubbed the historic launch today for SpaceX/NASA (Next launch opportunity Saturday, 05/30.) Until then- join us for another “Science-on-the-Spot”: Alka-Seltzer Rockets! Click HERE.

 05/12/2020: It’s time for slime! Join DSP Education Director Tim as he shows you how to make a “Kitchen Chemistry” camp favorite- homemade slime! Click HERE.

05/01/2020: Time to play architectural engineer (and then perhaps film your own Godzilla movie!). Here are some cool paper templates for creating skyscrapers and other buildings. Make your own paper city! Click HERE.

 04/23/2020: Join DSP Education Director Tim as he shows you how to make a simple mini-catapult using craft sticks! Click HERE for the video and click HERE for the printed instructions.

04/20/2020: Join DSP Executive Director Chris as we explore the DSP and talk about waves- what they are and where examples can be found at the museum. Click HERE.

04/16/2020: It’s time for another DSP Science-on-the-Spot with Education Director Tim! Join him as he shows you how to make “instant snow” even on the hottest East Texas day! This one does require an online purchase, but it’s pretty cool.  😉  Click HERE.

04/14/2020: Bored??? How about a virtual escape room to stretch your mind a bit?!? These two on-line escape room adventures are perfect for slightly older students and even adults. Get ready to search for clues and solve a few puzzles and mysteries. The first is a Harry Pottter-themed escape room adventure; the second is a Sherlock Holmes-type mystery. Good luck! For the Harry Potter adventure: Click HERE. For the Sherlock Holmes mystery: Click HERE.

04/12/2020: Ready to leave the house and explore? How about a virtual trip to the San Diego Zoo? Check out their wide variety of animal live cams… Click HERE.

04/09/2020: More Science-on-the-Spot: join our own education director Tim as he shows you how to make a simple “lava lamp” at home! Click HERE.

04/03/20: Need your Maker Faire fix for the weekend (or any day)? How about making some awesome paper airplanes?!? If there is such a thing as a “professional” paper airplane builder- this is your guy. Check out this video tutorial from Make. Click HERE.

04/02/2020: Brought to you by Common Sense- Wide Open School is a great collection of educational resources from National Geographic, Scholastic, PBS, Khan academy, and more! Click HERE.

03/30/20: Looking for some scavenger hunt fun? How about 9 different hunts courtesy of Primary Playground?!? Find a different hunt for every day of the week plus! Click HERE.

03/28/20: So, your kiddo loves story-time, but perhaps would like to hear from someone new? How about an astronaut on the International Space Station?!? ISS astronauts have been reading storybooks for kids for years now! Check it out! Click HERE.

03/25/20: Join 2021 Tyler Maker Faire featured performer Mario the Magician as he leads “Family Maker Camp 2020”- projects and weekly livestreams w/Mario! Click HERE.

03/24/2020: A great YouTube Channel for at-home experiments (with adult supervision of course). Brought to you by Sick Science. Click Here.

3/23/2020: A TON of fun, at-home experiments you can do with your kiddos from science presenter Steve Spangler. Click HERE.

03/20/2020: Need a list of 77 STEM-related activities for your kiddos? Click HERE.

Here is our DSP exhibits and elementary-level science TEKS alignment document. We have matched each exhibit with the standards it most applies to. Exhibits are divided by major science field of study and then by grade level. It will be updated as we continue to add exhibits and new information.