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Their love of learning will be unleashed as they feel the waves of an earthquake, listen to the roar of the ocean, and watch objects defy gravity. Book their one-of-a-kind encounter with science today.

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Dive deeper

Make your adventure even more immersive with these trip add-ons


Go on an out-of-this-world learning adventure led by a DSP expert

30–45 minutes | Additional $1 per student
Digging for Dinos


Calling all tiny archaeologists!

In this program for younger learners, students will experience the power of paired play and learning. After discovering incredible new facts about dinosaurs, students will have the opportunity to channel their inner explorer by digging for fossils, measuring a T-Rex, discovering the existing relative of dinos, and examining a coprolite.

The power of Electricity


Levitating pie plates, miniature lightning bolts, dancing hair! Discover the awesome power and science of electricity.

In this program, students will learn about the forces that create lightning and thunder and how static electricity can affect everything from light bulbs to human heads. Will they be brave enough to place their hand on the Van de Graaff generator? It’s a hair-raising experience!

Dry Ice – the Coolest Ice Around


What type of ice is so cold you can’t pick it up, but it will never melt? What type of ice can make George Washington scream, a Halloween cauldron come to life, and film canister rockets blast off? You won’t find the answer in your freezer, and it has nothing to do with water.

In this program, students are invited to see the power of frozen solid carbon dioxide … dry ice.

Fossils & the Stories They Tell


Learn all about dinosaurs! In this program, students will discover the wide variety of dinos that existed millions of years ago, how modern scientists know so much about them, how fossils are created, and what an archeologist does for a living.

Students will have the opportunity to take that knowledge to another dimension by digging for fossils, measuring a T-Rex, discovering the existing relative of dinos, and examining a coprolite.

Call us to add a program to your reservation.

Discovery Dome

Spot constellations, learn about the solar system, and explore the night sky. Students step into the shoes of an astronomer in this inflatable planetarium.

30–45 minutes | Additional $2 per student

Call us at 903-533-8011 to add the Discovery Dome to your reservation.

Lunch at the Museum

Stay on site all day by eating lunch at the museum! Guests must bring their own lunch.
Additional $1 per person | Space must be booked ahead of time
Call us at 903-533-8011 to add lunch to your reservation.

Field Trip Policy

  • Trip must be scheduled at least one week in advance.
  • Students must be accompanied throughout their stay at the museum.
  • Minimum of 30 students for field trip pricing.
  • We are unable to process refunds for field trip payment amounts made by check.
  • DSP or ASTC memberships do not apply.
  • Siblings accompanying parents must pay regular admission price.

Where should I park?

  1. Turn west on Locust St. just south of the museum.
  2. Bus parking is outside the perimeter of the parking lot (outside pipe fence), or directly in front of the annex building (within parking lot).


Overflow parking for parents and guests is located across Broadway, just north of the multi-story Chamber of Commerce building.

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