A One-of-a-kind Adventure

The DSP experience is fueled by a comprehensive, well-rounded team of experts

Inspiration that outlasts your visit

UT Tyler leads an expert team of local and nationwide educators, scientists, entrepreneurs, and museum masterminds to give your child the most engaging, memorable, and inspiring experience possible.

Meet the brains behind the magic.

DSP Adventure Experts

Carol Whiteside

Executive Director


Tami Urias

Marketing & Development Director


Amy Curry

Guest Services Manager


zachary gardner

Lead Clerk


bradley lindsey

Director of Education


breanne harding

Program Facilitator


Jahir Sanchez

Shop and Exhibits Coordinator


Darlene Kornick

Office Coordinator


Corporate Partners

Instrumental business leaders in East Texas make learning an adventure by sponsoring events, creating exhibits, and more.

To learn more about becoming a corporate partner, call Development Director Tami Urias at 903-705-6813.

Compelling Connections

Museum associations connect Discovery Science Place to the most exemplary and visionary museums in the country. These cutting-edge networks keep us innovative and inspired – and keep you eager to see what you’ll uncover next.

Mission Statement

Igniting curiosity in young minds through fun, hands-on exploration!

Vision Statement

We envision a dynamic environment where play is fueled by curiosity, discovery is celebrated, and passion for learning grows.

Values Statement

We have four core values ~ Education, Stewardship, Integrity, and Innovation. Everything we do is guided by the values we share. We practice these values though our programs and actions.

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