We are now open on Mondays until Labor Day.


The Discovery Science Place is a dynamic children’s museum where young minds have the freedom to examine, play, and find wonder in the world around them.

Better together

It’s no secret that play and learning have become increasingly separated in our world today.

It doesn’t have to be that way. At the Discovery Science Place:

  • Parents see that learning through play and exploration develops curiosity and social skills.
  • Students make connections to what they are learning in the classroom with our hands-on activities and programs.
  • Children interact with our exhibits and think more critically about the world around them.
  • Families spend more time having fun together and making memories at birthday parties and events.

Creating opportunities

Seek, make, learn, and grow at the Discovery Science Place

The Discovery Science Place museum is an invitation to examine, play, and find wonder in the world around us.

The Museum

Engaging, state-of-the-art exhibits are influenced by local experts (such as Brookshire Grocery Company, Southside Bank, and CBS-19), and the best of children’s museums nationwide.


Birthday parties, field trips, Adult Learning Experiences, and community-wide events are just a few of the ways you can make moments – both big and small – an adventure. See more events here.


Cultivate a rich local culture when you instill curiosity and a love of learning in the next generation of Tyler and East Texas.

The magic of meaningful play

Fun, hands-on learning experiences spark a love of learning with far-reaching benefits.

Academic Success

Integrated learning supports school success because it improves retention, understanding, and curiosity.

Growth and development

Interacting with the world around them grows a child not only mentally, but physically, emotionally, and socially.


Learning about the world around them increases a child’s care for the world and others.

Build the next generation

Make learning a natural, fun part of growing up in East Texas

Cities with robust children’s museums lead in science, innovation, and culture. With an already growing premier medical community, East Texas has an opportunity to invest in our future and position ourselves as a leader in health sciences and beyond.

The Discovery Science Place is that potential. Invest in our city’s influence and legacy by sparking habits of exploration and discovery in the next generation.

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