Forget murder hornets… summer 2020 is all about spiders! We’re bringing a WHOLE lot more hands to your favorite hands-on science museum!

While our planned summer exhbit has been slightly delayed, the good news is that we will be holding it over all the way until November!

Join us this summer for a very special exhibit July 11th-Nov. 15th.

Visitors will explore the largest traveling arachnid display in North America as they discover human-arachnid cultural connections through hands-on activities like building robots, conducting science experiments, creating your own arachnid art and more. The exhibit also displays 100 live arachnids – including endangered species like the Tiger tarantula and Mexican Red Knee tarantula, alien-looking tailless whip scorpions, and beautiful Peacock tarantulas and Sun Tiger tarantulas! (All safely enclosed in their habitats of course!)

Tickets for this exciting exhibit will be on sale soon.
For more information visit:

Your friendly neighborhood spider… man.