“Orion- Journey to Mars”, the newest exhibit at Discovery Science Place, is now open to the public. This interactive exhibit which will allow visitors of all ages to learn more about manned space travel through hands-on exhibits and a life-size model of NASA’s Orion space capsule.
Orion is NASA’s newest crew module that will carry four astronauts into deep space, back to the Moon, and eventually to Mars one day. The Discovery Science Place received the low- fidelity engineering mockup of the Orion capsule from NASA Houston in late 2014, and began designing an exhibit around it. Features of the exhibit include a remote controlled Mars rover, a spaceship themed crew seat panels that guests can sit in and work with some of the various controls seen on the capsule, and hands-on displays that addresses difficulties of working in space using the gloves worn by astronauts, and an interactive display that demonstrates the relationship between mass, gravity and weight.

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