K-3rd: “Stuffee”/Human Body

Join Stuffee, the DSP’s five-foot tall friend in exploring the internal anatomy of the human body. Learn about the form and function of the heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, and more. Learn the importance of a healthy diet and the value of exercise to make your body strong. Dance along as we exercise our muscles and find out just how long a journey a bite of food takes through the human body.

K-3rd: Digging for Dinos

3rd-6th: Fossils and the Stories They Tell

Learn about some of the coolest creatures to ever walk the Earth- dinosaurs! Find out about the wide variety of dinos that existed millions of years ago and how modern scientists know so much about them. Examine fossils, discover how they are created, and find out what an archeologist does for a living. Measure a T-Rex, discover the existing relative of dinos, and examine a coprolite.

3rd6th: The Power of Electricity

Levitating pie plates, miniature lightning bolts, dancing hair! Is it magic? Nope, it’s the awesome power and science of electricity. Learn about the forces that create lightning and thunder and how static electricity can affect everything from light bulbs to human heads. Are you brave enough to place your hand on the Van de Graaff generator??? It’s a hair-raising experience!

3rd-6th: Dry Ice- The Coolest “Ice” Around

What type of ice is so cold you can’t even pick it up but will never “melt”? What type of ice can make George Washington scream, a Halloween cauldron come to life, and film canister rockets blast off? You won’t find the answer in your freezer, and it has nothing to do with water. Come see the power of frozen solid carbon dioxide… dry ice.